This is my Dogma48 project from this weekend!
It was my second Dogma48 and my first project finished within the 48 hour time limit (with 30 minutes to spare) sleeping, eating etc. included.
I had to cut ALOT of corners and force myself to not procrastinate (too much).

My initial idea was to make a diorama with a tree in a realistic scale. Wether or not the scene is about the hen & the cock, the goat or the troll, I will leave up to the viewer. I just humbly hope to spark one or two story-telling imaginations somewhere.

The tree is made from trimmed heather roots and sea-foam and was quite fiddly.

It has turned out to be very difficult to take photos, so I do apologize on beforehand and will try to take and add some better ones if these are to dark.

I cannot recommend participating in a Dogma48 enough. It is a wonderfull, funny, interestingly exhausting and very creative experience.

Thanks to all my co-participants and to the Chromanaut community for doing this.
  • Jakob VPLUS

    Excellent! What a big ass tree! You could put this in your waiting room. With the risk of the nurse watering it :)

    • Tobias_K_Aasvang

      Thanks Buddy!
      Size isn’t important, it’s more of a scale thing. :)

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really like this, Tobias! I hope one day to be able to be part of the Dogma48 experience. I really like the way how you approached your idea. The Tree is wonderful and the rest of the story is up to ... well, me as a viewer. Well, it is not an easy story, the more time I spent on it the more weird it gets and somehow I like it. Feels like looking on a awkward scene from a Monthy Pyton Movie ... I like it! Sending hugs my friend!

    • Tobias_K_Aasvang

      Thank you Roman! I am really glad you like it.
      I can totally see what you mean about the Monty Python feeling.

  • davidg100

    Awesome work in this little time !

  • Jarek

    Limited time projects are so tough. Couple of times I had an “oportunity” to make some sculptures as a gifts cause I had no other idea what to give(but don’t tell anyone;) You have to cut corners, and be realy quick with decisions. Most of all you have to be inventive, so it boosts creativity. Great diorama Tobias!

    • Tobias_K_Aasvang

      Thanks alot Jarek!
      Yes, that deadline/pressure can be a double-edged sword sometimes.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Nice paintwork buddy !!!

    • Tobias_K_Aasvang

      Thank you John! I’m very happy that you like it. I really enjoy your work.

  • Marco "BigBlackBear" Orselli

    thats brilliant!!!

  • schiragaPLUS


  • Poliakov_Andrii