Second bust of my own range, cousin of the marine iguana Amblyrynchus, same scale..
it will be cast very soon. sculpted in Bees putty and procreate.
75mm to the top of the head, 12 parts.
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Jakob VPLUS

    Brilliant work! You are quite skilled, as I have mentioned before :)

    • Jakob VPLUS

      And an editor’s choice from me too!

    • Martin Lavat

      Glad you like my work.

    • Martin Lavat

      Thank you Jakob!

  • RUSTO art and craft show Fabrizio Russo

    Beautiful! Gold and editor

  • TimPLUS

    This is a fantastic piece Martin and I can’t wait to get my brush on it. Gold and Editors from me as well

    • Martin Lavat

      Thank you mate! Can’t wait to see your version :)

  • Jose Miguel Carrillo

    Fantástico trabajo. Oro

  • Thorbjorn Barone

    Looks good man. Be careful not to prioritize tertiary shape over primary. Other than that very solid work my friend.

    • Martin Lavat

      Thank you for your advice mate!!! glad you like it!

  • Davide "Snake" Decina

    Simply Gold, is Fantastic!!!
    And let me know where I can buy them…

    • Martin Lavat

      Thank you very much! I will tell you for sure!

  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"


  • Alex ✍

    Beautiful work Martin!

  • MarcPLUS

    Superbe !
    De bien belles choses dans ta galerie !!!

    • Martin Lavat

      Merci beaucoup Marc! Je te retourne le compliment!

  • Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud

    Ce jeu de textures de ouuuuuf! :O

    • Martin Lavat

      Merciiiiiiiiiiiii l’amiiiiiii!

  • Patrik HurtigPLUS

    I can think of nothing more epic than a chameleon and iguana duo! The balance of macro, mid and detail on this sculpt is so good.

    • Martin Lavat

      Thank you very much Patrik! It’s already casted and it will be realeased very soon ;)

  • eric wolfs