Friends, hello everyone! Here is my work, which I managed to complete even before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Now around me while it is calm and I gradually come to my senses. However, the future is certainly not certain.
The work was done for Attica Miniatures from St. Petersburg. And I am grateful to its leader Ivan Novik and the studio staff for a truly responsive and kind attitude towards me in the current situation. These are good people!
Figure Pegaso Models, 54mm.
Now I'm making a video about working with a figure for my
At the moment this has become the only source of finance for me, so if you are interested in how I draw figures and make dioramas and bases - you can subscribe, I will be very grateful. And it will help me and my family survive. And I will continue to work as long as possible. Many voluminous PDF materials and videos are already there.