Product of Neko Galaxy.

Painted for private collector.
  • Liu Yu Kang


    • Mayart


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Amazing detail and execution of Materials and Textures. Gold and Editor’s choice by me!

    • Mayart

      Muchas gracias maestro. Te sigo mucho. un abrazo.

  • DavidColwellPLUS

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to click Silver I missed the button slighty I meant to give this gold.  It’s gold and editor for me.

    • Mayart

      No te preocupes! gracias por comentar.

  • Alexander "Skrytnik" Loskutov


  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Super good work :o

    • Mayart

      Thank :)

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Great rendering of light and reflection, as well as texture and atmosphere! Gold!!

    • Mayart

      Gracias! me hace feliz que te guste ;)

  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"

    Woauuuuuu fantastic Work!!!!

    • Mayart

      Gracias Angel.

  • Frédéric BISSEUX (MINOS)

    Wahouuuu sexy le robot !!! On ne saurait quoi faire si on la croise ^_^ Or bien sûr !!!

    • Mayart

      Merci. J’ai adoré peindre ce buste. Bravo pour le sculpteur.

  • Alex ✍

    Beautiful work!

    • Mayart


  • Malte Dueholm

    I’m speechless. So good!!!

  • Eduardo Fernandez

    Oro para mi May!!

  • Ernesto Vicente

    Muy buen trabajo May. Que manos tienes