'Rain of Vengeance'


Work: basing, conversion, painting, concept art, art direction
Scale: 28mm. Games Workshop

In private collection.

Full step by step, 56 pages:

Keep on happy painting!

You can follow my work here!
  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Super cool, you are awesome!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you, Magnus. Really happy that you like it!

  • CyAniDe

    Wow. Looks just amazing. Really inspiring and great reference for atmosphere and light. Really makes me to want to try something like that as well some day xD.
    Love it.

  • Archigrog

    Great Atmosphere!!!

  • eric wolfs

    Great idea, and very original composition. Gold

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Many thanks, Eric! Happy that you like this diorama. Will do more of this style!

  • Stan VPLUS

    Roman, crazy awesome work, as always!

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    Amazing ! No words…

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you, Marc. Happy you like my creations!

  • TimPLUS

    Amazing work mate. The light, composition and atmosphere work perfectly in harmony with each other and create a scene that feels like it could be from a book cover or war film.

    It’s excellently done.

    Gold, favourites and Editors

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you, Tim. Happy that you enjoy it that much! I am so fascinated by the new possibilities I already plan the next! :D

  • Stefano LancioniPLUS

    Very cool Roman!

  • Piotr Pieścik

    If we ever get miniature painting into art galleries, this will be the first entry

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thanks a lot, Piotr for such a beautiful compliment!

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    fantastic roman!

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Looks like a codex cover artwork! The sense of drama and movement its awesome.

  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    Wie Wayne und Garth aus Wayne’s world sagen würden: “Wir sind unwürdig! “:) Roman, schon wieder so ein unglaublich schönes Diorama. Von der Komposition, über die Lichtsituation bis zu den Details, atemberaubend. Danke für das Teilen!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Danke für solch tolle Komplimente. Vielen Dank!

  • OragedAcier


  • Martin Lavat

    I love it! Outstanding!

  • Stanislav Polskoi

    Bravo! Gold!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Love it. Such power!!

  • John Delamere

    So much awesome in one little scene!

  • Alex Zheng

    I don’t know what to say to see this, it’s really awesome.
    Reminds me that it was your work that drew me to miniatures in the first place
    You always bring us surprises and ideas.
    Learning from you all the time.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you for such beautiful words! I am always happy to inspire! Arrigato, Alex-San!

  • Sergio Torregimeno

    Love it! as always really inspiring job :)

  • Thorbjorn Barone

    Beautiful piece roman. I really like the epic feel of this.

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Fantastic work, amazing a composite is extremely glorious, scene incredible, super gold for you master.

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Love’s it.  Fantastic work, amazing a composite is extremely glorious, scene incredible, super gold for you master.

  • Clive Jackson

    Epic! Gold!

  • Vladimir_Golubev

    Epic! Gold!

  • sergiovilchesminiatures

    Gran escena!!

  • Yannick Degiovanni

    Roman, one step more, and you will pin on the wall your next staging !
    I love this one. Ambiance, light, color… A great mastering of your art, for telling a story.
    Well done, a pleasure to watch the pictures… :)

  • Cristiano

    Great idea gold

  • RUSTO art and craft show Fabrizio Russo

    wow what a composition! love it

  • Rodrigo Lucas (rodni_salmorejo)

    Wow Roman this is just…incredible, i’m blown away.

  • Francesco Thau


  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS

    Outrageously cool! Emotional and powerful work!