This is kind of a tribute to the enchanting art of Chris Sickels from Rednosestudios.

Some years ago i stumbled over an image of this birdman by Chris Sickels from Rednosestudio.
I mistook it for a rendering and wanted to make it a miniature project. As it turned out it was actually a photo!
By the way - i love his illustrations - check out his instagram-channel!

Anyhow - i've started this little fun-project many years ago and never finished it.
Since then i left the hobby behind, but always kept in mind to finish it someday, when the mood is right.
There were so many things that caught my attention since then. And many things that kept my feet on the ground, also.
Last year i started an experiment. I tried to fill the female vacuum in my life by myself.
What can I tell you? I am having the funniest time in my life right now!!!
So the time has come to finish this little project.
I made little changes to the concept, set up a time-limit and painted it with acrylics and make-up.

For me, the miniature hobby has always been an opportunity to process feelings or express emotions.
I think that i have never nailed this target better! :-D

And hey! - This bitch has glitter under her eyes!
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This is so lovely different! I like it a lot!

    • Robert WallnerPLUS

      Thanks for the compliment my friend! I know the painting isn’t nearly as good as I would expect it to be, nor is the modelling. But I’m ok with that, as I had a lot of fun finishing it that way. It looks f*****g awsome in my cabinet with all the rather martial figures all around! :-D

  • Nicolae Mihai

    Really a lovely concept and a very pleasant result! I like it a lot! Warm congrats from me too!