Personnal creation, that started with facial study, and went a little further.
I had fun adding the laddybug and butterfly.
I learned a lot and still have a lot to learn at this scale !

1/12th scale, 85mm to the top of the butterfly wings
Sculpted in a mix of beesputty/super sculpey
  • Jakob VPLUS

    I think it is beautiful! What is going on with the eyes though. Seems the pupils are moving? Or is it a shine?

  • Kev TK

    Terrific! Will this be available to buy from some place?

    • David Lefebvre - @Minimorph_Sculpts

      Thank you,
      The mini is currently dismentled on my work bench.
      I still have some reparing to do before casting, but it will be available at some point eventually !