Daji, the Nine Tails
Perfectly designed and first piece from "Mandalas 3068" range!
I had so much fun trying to paint her "dark side".

Su Daji was the second wife of the last emperor of the Shang dynasty in the Chinese history. In the mythology she was a nine-tailed fox demon who lived a thousand years. As the emperor blasphemed the supreme Goddess in her temple with an erotic poem, the Goddess sent the demon to approach the emperor in order to corrupt and bring down the entire empire. Daji hides a maximum danger behind her of her beauty and is well known for the invention of so many tortures.

Art director: Qi Zhang
Concept: Federica Porpora Anastasio
Sculptor: Antonio Marzii
Boxart: Marco Orselli
Cast: Mindwork Games
Scale: 75mm