Oni of Skulls is a private commission miniature project I had the pleasure to accomplish.
The client request was the creation of an Oni demon character as a large size miniature, and he trusted me to present my proposal as concept art and later on as a complete miniature assembly for resin cast production.
Oni (鬼) are evil spirits from Japanese mythology and folklore. Oni are typically large in size, possess superhuman strength, they are terrifying in appearance, and are associated with disease, calamity and misfortune. Oni are found in countless Japanese stories and myths, where they tend to be depicted as roguish villains. (https://mythus.fandom.com/wiki/Oni)
I was responsible for the concept, the sculpting and the engineering part (cutting and keying) of this miniature that stands at 170mm height.
  • Denis Izotov

    wow that’s great sculpt, very impressive