Hi everyone!

For the past 6 months I've been working on improving my compositional skills and incorporating more artistry into my sculpting. However, working with sculpting minis, i honestly haven't felt much motivation to sculpt in my spare time. Visiting Kontrast 2022, and meeting all the artists I admire I really got a spark to do a piece for myself. For this piece, I was very inspired by the compositional elements by artists like Brom.

As I don't have the logistical/production capabilities myself, I've teamed up with Karol rudyk which have agreed to sell my model through his website and stand at World Model Expo.

The model is a limited piece with only 200 models available. 50 Copies will be available early at WME at a reduced price. So come to Karol's stand to pick up your copy! Rest can be preordered at karolrudykart.com

Note: The models sold don't have sculpted iris' for ease of painting.

Kind regards