St Lost Memory

'Old Sailor' from Creepytables. Love that sculpture so much :) From the first sight I knew what story I wanted to tell. As always I try my best to show story behind the miniature (I'm not good at using technics, so I try to make impression by adding some background :P).

This time I wanted to refer to the character's past. I imagined his past, something he can't come back to anymore, and what was so much his life. The expression on his face is so open to interpretation and neutral that I was able to go in the direction of this idea. I decided that the main theme would be smoke. I was able to design it in 3D and print this element. I absolutely wanted to put a tiny ship in it that comes out of the cloud, which adds even more nostalgia. Finally, I created a title. At first I wanted it to be "Forgoten Past", but somehow it didn't fit. A friend gave me the idea, "Why can't that be the name of the ship he was on?" I thought it was a great idea, which is why it's "St". It was enough to match the final name and there was "St Lost Memory", the name of the fishing boat on which he spent almost his entire life.

Hope you like my version of this bust :)

Best regards,