Army of the Dead.
This has been my World Model Expo 2022 entry, I'm so grateful and honored to have been awarded with a medal.
Having been there with the best painters has been amazing, but let me talk about this project, I'm a fan of Conan
the barbarian, since I was a kid, I use to collect the cards of the greatest fantasy artists, such as Frazetta, Boris
Vallejo, Larry Elmore, Ken Kelly and many more until Patrick J. Johnes that has made the art of this beautiful
I didn't follow the art itself, I wanted to put my own view and my style instead, I changed the light source and, I have
to say thank to Kirill Kanaev for some input that He gave, rather than turn the figure under the light I turned myself
arounf the figure, maintaining the light and the composistion in the same position, I think that it gives more intrest
to the scene, so I took pics for the references, then I changed the palette, using my own tones, I've tried to maintain
the art background palette on the ground, just to keep a connection with that, I changed the title and then... I let my thoughts run, making my own movie.
I hope that you like it and enjoy the view.