Eldar war walker
Eldar war walker
Eldar war walker
A dialogue in 2010:
M: husband, T: Taggi
M: "Sweetheart?"
T: "Hm?"
M: "Have you already something for me for birthday?"
T: "So early? No, but I have got some ideas. Why?"
M: "You bought me for Christmas some Eldars, didn't you?"
T: "Yes?"
M: "On a picture site I have seen a really cool Eldar spaceship."
T: "Ocha. And I have to buy you one?" (I have tried... )
M: "Not, but to paint the war walker."
T: "Hm, let me see. What have you found?" (1) "Öhm, sweetie, that one has won a demon!"
M: "Well, I have another one, that is really cool." (2)
M: "But the best one is that one:" (3)
T: "Öhm, But you have seen the same cool voting?"
M: (low voice) "What would the life be without a challenge?"
T: "I give you a challenge: Paint it yourself."
M: "I could not paint this worthy!"
T:"Another challenge: Try to escape my revenge... "

Happy birthday, Männe!
  • Arne WilkensPLUS

    Totally amazing! Great OSL and a nice present. Sad to not be your husband ;)

  • A.Demidov

    Incredibly beautiful!)