Hi guys!

Here is my lone Space Wolves (Primaris) Scout.

This model was originally a Black Templars Neophyte. I’ve shaved off the Black Templar crosses off the shoulder pads, changed the skull on the chest for a wolf skull, added some Space Wolf talismans, a knife and used the head from Kor’Sarro Khan.

For the base I went for a frozen lake with a rock for the Scout to be standing on to have a better view on what’s laid before him.

With the painting of the model itself I wanted to show that he is a mature character: he has a Wolf Guard marking on his knee pad, he looks a bit older and has lost vision in one of his eyes (that goes along with a scar inflicted by a tyranid!). This is in line with my memory of old, metal Space Wolf scouts from the past - grumpy, badass, old men!

I’m really happy with the atmosphere and the overall feel I was able to achieve on this rather quick (8 day) project.

If you’ve read through to here - thank you for your time!