“Malebolge” diorama
“Malebolge” diorama
Hey Everyone!
Here's my latest diorama called "Malebolge", and like usual, i wanted to do something small, which turned out to be big :O

I would like to send big cheers to Karol Rudyk Art and Terrible Kids Stuff for sending me their AMAZING minis for this project: Khal-Agul and Soul Hunter. Thank You for them, it was a pleasure to paint and make this story using those models ❤
The scene was made for WME, and it scored bronza at Masters Fantasy Diorama and placed a big smile upon my face :)

Hope that You'll like it!
Paul "Monstroys"
  • Eamon Connerty

    Love this piece! Incredible work! Gold!

  • OrigalumPLUS

    In my opinion characters are poorly distinguishable and merge with the environment but that environment is just amazing! Gold from me.

    • Paweł Makuch "Monstroys"

      Thanks for Your feedback, although it was my plan for them to merge with the enviroment :) thanks for Your vote! <3

  • Yu Z.


  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"

    Expectacular trabajo!!!

  • Peter (Chilwd)

    nice work and scene, comgratzz on the bronze!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Holy crap, that is amazing. What a powerful vision - would love to see in real life. Editor’s pick from me.

  • Moses

    May I ask what criticisms you got for the Bronze? It is probably the best diorama I have seen this year.

    • Paweł Makuch "Monstroys"

      thx a lot! I’ve never asked about judges opinion, everone seemed to like it though. With that many pieces it was difficult for them to pick those which deserved a medal for sure, but i’m happy that i’ve added a new medal to my cabinet :)