This is my first bust!
Orc Hunter by Spira mirabilis miniatures (Lucas Pina)

I enjoyed the planning stage of this bust. I searched for a lot of references for different parts. For example, the starting concept was that the orc's trousers would have an African pattern. I wanted to build further on this theme so I decided his quiver would be the skin of a giraffe, his big strap would be a zebra pattern and the boar-hat would be, well a boar. The feathers on his last arrow are similar to the guineafowl, also from Africa of course. Snakeskin and tortoise shell are also on the bust, but I don't know the exact species of those, you'd have to ask the orc. He also carved a piece of wood into a bow, all by himself.
The orc's fingertips are red from all the shooting with rough arrows, and his left forearm is red after many quick passes of the bowstring. The elbows and lips are also red because of the blood veins underneath the skin

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the bust