Another night shift miniature. I had some real issues with this one, going on and off. First concept was to create a sister of battle which stands alone and awaits her call to duty. Main thing that hasn't changed was the pose itself. Everything else, like sword, armor, gloves, pauldrons etc constantly evolved to the stage I was ok with it. Then I thought, something is still not right... She have to defend someone. So I came up with a plan to put there a little girl. I know, it's not a spectacular idea. But in my mind it was something that could work out and give some depth to the overall concept. After a lot of "what was I thinking" moments, tearing apart that long coat(few times), and an accident which almost ruined main part of the figure, here they are.
I hope they will win that upcoming battle!
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    i’m in love. To paint them is my dream from now on.
    Gold of course

    • Jarek

      Thanks so much Nakatan:D

  • John Delamere

    Beautiful idea and sculpt!

    • Jarek

      Thank You John