The Iron Skull painting Competition 2020 Gold Trophy for Scene/Duel/Diorama
The Iron Skull Trophy for 'Best in Show' 2020
When Games Workshop released their plastic Rockgut Troggoths I thought straightaway that I would paint one. Back in 1987 I won one of my first Golds at Golden Demon with a Troll holding a rock up above it's head. It’s a model that’s cropped up a few times over the years and the latest incarnation is included among the current Rockgut Troggoths.
I’m very fond of my old Troll and even though I painted him a long time ago I can remember doing so quite clearly. I think that’s because I began to develop the approach to painting that has, ultimately, led to my current style with this model. This is the first model painted by my adult self and, although I had a long way to go, it laid the foundation of what was to come in terms of materials and techniques! I thought it would be an interesting, and fun, project to revisit this ‘old friend’ and see what I could do with it now.