Drazhoath the Ashen, master of the Black Fortress and the Legion of Azgorh. Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut.

A mighty Chaos Dwarf sorcerer who rides to war atop the Great Bale Taurus, Cinderbreath.

The idea behind this was to try to capture the raw power of the Taurus as him and his master rage through the lava filled ruins of a long destroyed dwarvern fortress.

The main points when designing him where:
To make him modular so he could be transported easily (everything is held tightly with pins and can be pulled apart within a few minutes)
To try to convey the idea he was flying. He is fully supported on just the one hoof via a large pin that goes all the way from the leg, through the pillar and into the base.
To represent his environment through the colours, It's a moonlit night in a lava field so blues on top and reds, oranges on the underside.

I think i was successful and i loved every second of this project, I hope you like him as well.