Partners in crime! This is OmniForged - 3D Printed Miniatures renditions of the bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM featured in Empire Strikes Back. These two have been a favorite of mine since reading Tales of the Bounty Hunters way back in the 90s, so I sprung at the chance to have them in tabletop form.

Zuckuss was primarily painted using zenithal priming and glazing, with the exception of his eyes and mechanics. His species - the Gand - are interesting in that they breathe ammonia, so must wear a type of biomechanical rebreather outside of their homeworld. To capture that I tried to give him a slight greenish shading to his flesh and tubing (difficult to see in the pics).
4-LOM was primed black and painted with AK metallics. His body is a very muted metallic black, so after applying AK Gunmetal, I used a few glazes of Sequin Black metallic craft paint to really tone it down. To do the rust effects, I brushed the body with a clean water dampened brush and applied Vallejo Dark Rust. Once dry, I did the same but used Vallejo Light Rust. Once that was dry, I did the same but used a tiny amount of Vallejo Air Orange Rust in the deeper crevices and corners.

This duo was fairly straightforward to paint and I had fun doing them.