This is my first go at a steampunk subject. Painting & basing this mini turned out to be a really enjoyable project.
  • Lee Hebblethwaite (10 ball)

    Damn man you just keep getting better!

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Solid gold - or NMM bronze, copper, brass and whatnot ;)

  • Dr34m

    Lovely work :)

  • Andy Gillaspy

    Lovely work as ever David. Been a reek pleasure following your WIP turned out a beauty!

  • Manuel Wenkert

    WOW where is the platinum button? Awesome work man

  • Javier González; "Arsies"

    Not an easy minaiture, but you deserved gold, great work.
    Specially love the base

  • Meg Maples

    Love it! Great concept and great execution. I enjoy minis that are on the humorous side. :)