Here is my box art for Joan of Arc in Orleans, 1/12 bust. It is released by Scientific Models and beautifully sculpted by Mujin Park, a master of character.
  • eric wolfs

    Superb painting, with a very angelic face. But just for information, the period texts describe Joan of Arc with black hair and brown eyes, far from the image that we can have of her. Nevertheless, this piece is superb, congratulations!

    • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

      Thank you very much and thank you for great info, always interesting. My inspiration for the painting was loosely based on the Milla Jovovich movie as well as the John Everett Millais painting.

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"

    Good job congrats

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    great nmm and face

  • Steven ZuleskiPLUS

    Beautiful work, Magnus, all of it!

  • Paraskeyas Marazakis

    Great Work Magnus!

  • girlpainter57

    a great sense of celestial Aura comes out of those eyes, enchanting

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    Dieser Blick auf göttlichen Beistand ist sagenhaft Magnus :::::::::::.!

  • Diego´Legendary´Painter

    I have to admit that it was hard for me to recognize your lugubrious style at first sight (as I perceive it)
    as always great work

  • fabrizio1969PLUS

    gold greath

  • Sagumo

    Magnificent colors! Gold with no doubt.

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo


  • Piotr Pieścik

    Very unconventional and original approach to nmm, I love it

  • Bloodblade_miniatures


  • TimPLUS

    Really nice dude, love the muted NMM - Gold

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Brilliant work!!

  • Steve Garcia

    So unique, beautiful

  • Clive Jackson

    Great stuff! Gold!

  • Vladimir SychevPLUS


  • Nate CooperPLUS

    She is so beautiful, Magnus. I love the choice of a less polished armor, and the very soft reflections (the sky in her back is especially nice).  Her face is wonderful, but I am even more impressed with her hair - that view from her back right side just looks so natural.  Love it