My entry for the Kingdom death pin-up painting competition. I'm very happy to say I am one of the winners amongst some absolutely amazing entries. Go check out the other awesome entries

"The project took quite some time but i've enjoyed the challenge, having a deadline really gets the creative juices flowing! I sculpted the drowning stone faces, lily pads, giant hand and the reeds (that admittedly look a bit like angry hot-dogs) in zbrush before 3d printing them. The idea I had was to make the Pond Scum Pinup a siren of sorts. Her song lures straggler survivors who have wandered too far from the beaten path into the murky depths of the saliva ponds where they happily drown! The siren has also tamed the wailing reeds that grow by the ponds, they provide backing vocals to her hypnotic, deathly ditty!"