After a very long time of developing and sculpting those guys (with an additional story behind that I might publish as a comic book one day ;)...), they are finally here: The Unholy Trinity. A nice little trio of demon busts, by the name of Botzdeek, Methusook and Crupnôch (left to right). There is a painted version of a Prototype of Botzdeek's head here on Putty & Paint.
  • StephaneDeltenrePLUS

    OR ......
    Si tu veux voir mes figurines, mon indien et ma Mercy ont besoin d’un vote pour pouvoir progresser l’ami, enfin si tu veux

    • Jenny Greenteeth

      Merci :)
      Bien volontiers Stéphane, superbe la peinture.

  • Johan_Pirlouit

    Yeah! Here they come!

  • holgerschwarzPLUS

    Ich sehe, das es sehr aufwendig gefertigte Büsten sind und von
      hoher handwerklicher Qualität !  Meine Gratulation und Gold

    • Jenny Greenteeth

      Thanks guys, glad you like it.
      Vielen Dank Holger!