My 'finished' version of Eryet the Singing Blade from FeR Miniatures. Such a fun model to paint for how simple it is compared to a lot of models these days!

My goal was to try out a cooler atmospheric lighting, light a softly diffused moonlight, which I think worked out okay. Also tried out the idea of more subtle volumetric highlighting - less contrast in individual areas, but with more contrast across the whole model almost like a vignetting effect to "fade out" further away from the focal point, which is something I really enjoy seeing in other works and plan on exploring further in the future.

Also working on improving my steel nmm at larger scales here, which I think worked out pretty well.

The ditched idea of the project was a firelight osl from behind, which failed so many times I had to give up on it, with the plan to come back in the future to add.

Still struggle with hair and with taking good photos.
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