Emepror Dixin, Star of Celestial Joy, box art painted for the Mandalas 3068 series from Lilliput Miniatures
Emperor Dixin was the last emperor of the Shang dynasty in Chinese history. The mythological novel, "The Investiture of the Gods," commences with Dixin's act of blasphemy against Nüwa, the supreme Goddess. Upon seeing her statue in the temple, he was captivated by her beauty and left an erotic poem, infuriating the Goddess. As revenge, she sent three demons to corrupt Dixin's empire.
Dixin is a representation of tyranny in Chinese history, alongside his second wife Daji, who together invented many torture techniques and brutally murdered numerous loyal citizens of the empire. Dixin was ultimately defeated by the armed forces led by Jiang Ziya near the capital of Zhaoge, and the three demons were executed. Driven to despair, Dixin set fire to his tower and committed suicide. During the investiture ceremony of the Gods following his death, he was canonized as the "Star of Celestial Joy," the God of Weddings.

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