So another Wyrd competition has ended, and I placed Xth. The theme was Cast&Spell;, where we had to depict a magical effect. Additionally, for my category, there was an extra condition - there had to be two magical effects that interact with each other. After going through my miniatures, I found the perfect characters: a black blood shaman and an mature nephilim. The shaman has a special ability called "Ancient Ritual," which allows them to enhance their team's models and even transform weaker creatures into stronger ones, using a sacrifice (a corpse marker in the game). I tried to depict this using a bloody vortex and lightning coming out of it. This time, I managed to keep the work and composition concise, which, in my opinion, is the best I've done so far. However, there were some downsides: the glow effect came out weak, I made the lightning effects at the last minute, which affected the quality, and the diorama itself turned out too elongated, with empty space (I wanted to show a bloody stream, but in fact, it was not that important, and the space was occupied).