Lannister Lady in Waiting
Lannister Lady in Waiting
Lannister Lady in Waiting
I started this model as an experiment. I have been wanting to get braver with my freehanding and wanted to learn how to be a bit more subtle with it. The aim with this piece was to paint the dress white and get more comfortable painting white without it becoming chalky. Then adding on what is effectively a brocade like design on the fabric. This was the first attempt but I think it came out well.

It's a piece that when people initially see it their reaction is, "Nice white dress." And then I tell them to look closer and their eyes bug out of their head. I'm looking forward to trying more of the "dots and squiggles" technique (as Marike calls it) on future models.
  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    I did exactly that. “Nice white dre..WHAT?! o_O”  I think it’s the contrast between the color and smoothness of her skin and the detailing and brightness of the dress that does it. Also, I love her hair!

  • Cristina Piras "Violet"

    Very Nice!

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"