this unit was born as a long time ago idea, to recreate the old troll from warhammer but with the new trogghots.
I love the new trolls because you can create conversions with this incredible multykit and save the feeling of the original approach.
so I made my best to create them, to be part of the golden demon 2023, but I don't like the idea to do 3 figure unit. so I decide to add the big buddy when I saw the figure from Maxime Penaud, as tribute.
I also pay a tribute to an old goblin with the first troll hand.
and one more to my old troll with some colors!!!

I really hope you like the scene, I love the idea to create a little story between characters.

you can see more photos and some step by step on my instagram page @rusto_art, follow me for more!

vote and comments are welcome as usual! CIAO...