A fantasy medieval knight with a wolf.
Two versions: one with shield and another subjecting the wolf.
Milliput and Fimo.
  • D@nny _

    Stunning work!

  • Ekaitz Zárraga

    I really like your last figures, you are always growing.
    Could I ask you where do you use the Fimo in the figure?
    Un abrazo.

    • oriquin

      hello Ekaitz! I answer you in english… better for the comprension for other users ;-)
      Initially I begin the work with a basic wired maniqui. Then I use milliput to fix the pose and to work a basic anathomy. Over this, I use the fimo sculping (or better, modelling) all the dress and details. When I think that all is right I bake it and if it’s necessary, I make a detalling work with the milliput. I work as this because with the fimo I don’t need to work agains time (fimo don’t gets dry), but somethimes, the detalling is necessary to emphatize some elements.
      If you look at the figure, you will see the grey fimo under the green milliput.
      I hope my explication is enought clear.

    • Ekaitz Zárraga

      Sure bro, get it.
      I was a little bit crazy because i only see the fimo in some little parts and I wondered if there was fimo under the milliput or not.
      Perfect explanation, thank you.

  • Meg Maples

    It’s Jon Snow!

    That was my initial thought upon seeing the photo. Love it!

  • Enric "Fenrik studio"