Hi! I am really happy to finally share with you my take on Alaana the Bloody Blade

This cool bust was a project I sketched in a workshop I performed with a really cool bunch of friends and painters alongside the collaboration of Big Child Creatives.

It's been a really interesting journey where I forced myself to mix my sketchy and textured approach with a more subtle and smooth surfaces. I learnt a whole lot on how to be more precise with the airbrush and mix it with the brushwork.

My intention was to build a warmth feel on the main view and a colder and more desaturated vibe on the back.

I also wanted to improve my skill and throw myself on female features...I did learnt a lot on this topic too, but as I see it now there's still a lot of flaws.

I did enjoy the journey with her. Hope you like it ;)

PD: As usual, I'll be sharing some wips and tips on my Instagram ;)