BT-7 Fast Russian Tank WWII Pegasus 1/72 scale.
This is the built of Pegasus Hobbies BT-7 (Museum Quality). I paint it just for fun and for Ebay! The track pads have been thinned down to have a better look and some more work has been done on the hull. The colors' selection has been made after historical research, so that the result is as close as possible to the Russian tank early WWII. I used the Lifecolor primers sprayed with an airbrush (1.8 PSI) in 2-3 thin layers. Next day I used the shade UA237 Dark Olive from Lifecolor Set Soviet WWII Army CS23. For the dark wash in the lines I used the Black Liner LPW26 using a thin brush with long tip. For weathering and dusting I used the Colonial Dark Sand LPW05 and the Pigment Dry Dust PG105. The metallic look has been done by rubbing on the edge of the tracks and on the edges of the upper hull using a stiff brush and the Pigment Reflecting Agent PG110. I hope that you like it!