It's done guys! I have finished my long project. At the moment, this is the most voluminous work I have done. And it is no coincidence that I show my work on this very day. The fact is that the scene that is presented to you reflects an episode of the battle in the battle of the Kalka River, which happened on May 31, 1223.
Thus, I managed to do the work for the 800th anniversary of the battle, which I am immensely happy about. This is not the most glorious page in the history of our people, because our troops suffered a humiliating defeat in that battle and thus doomed our principalities to a long dependence on the Tatar-Mongol yoke. But the lessons of history must be remembered
so that you don't repeat your mistakes. The idea of ​​this composition and sculpture belongs to Volodya Danilov, for which many thanks to him. All figures are made with soul, each has its own character, I just need to add some color to them. Also replaced all weapons with steel. The size of the figures is 54 mm. I hope that the work will not leave you indifferent.
Enjoy watching. The work was made for a private collection.