I want to show you a wonderful project that meant a lot to me and I have touching memories. I startet a children's fundraiser campaign with several artists - we asked children to draw us a picture so that we could transfer their ideas to miniatures with our interpretations.

Where did I get the idea? I had a commission 2 years ago, I painted a miniature from a template that my client's children painted. It was such a nice project and I thought that you can make a fundraiser out of it. My motive: It is important to me as a professional artist to support charitable projects and thus make a contribution to society. I am happy to donate some of my time for this.

We raised a total of 1100€ with 7 participating artists. I am so proud and relieved that it was such a success.

It has been one of two projects for the fundraiser. This is my first miniature art project with UV inks. I integrated the colors into resin to create fluorescent water at night. I started painting with UV-reactive colors on canvas and I thought it might be a wunderful idea to use it for my miniature painting hobby, and thought it would be perfect for the fundraiser. I have made a video about this (Youtube)

All projects: https://pin.it/3gHruYF

Aurélie Schick

See more about my projects of this campaign: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cp04r2arXRK/?hl=de