Hello everyone,
I'm very excited to present you the new bust of our line: The Joy.

With this figure I wanted to convey a happy and vital attitude, a moment of euphoria related to one of my personal passions: music.

My intention was to capture that memory that we all have in mind, living a concert of our most special band and vibrating with the sound of the chords of our favorite song. In this sense, the piece offers many painting possibilities, with a wide variety of elements to characterize and create a personal and unique version.

The bust includes access to a 3-hour video where you will be able to see the box art painting process. You will learn the techniques used to create the textures and finishes, from the denim jacket and the skin, to all the small details that make up the piece.

It is a figure designed with a single intention: to enJOY.

The figure is available in PRE-SALE and with a 10% DISCOUNT until June 18.


Shipments will be made from July 3.

Thanks to Alejandro Muñoz for making the piece possible, to David for his incredible editing work, to my partner Jero, to my brother who runs the boat and to Teresa who puts up with me and inspires me.