Hi! Would like to show you one of my long-term projects.
I've started her some years ago to practice my skin & tatts skills.
Not much left to finish, so I did some corrections to consider her as finished.

Hope you'll like her!
  • Štěpán Tichý

    She is really nice! The tattoo on her chest is a nice freehand and feels like a fresh tattoo. The snake on the hand on the other hand looks like an older tattoo - so if it was the intention, good job. Overall, I really enjoy the see-through bra, as to me the material is reflected well in the painting. Also, the NMM earring is great!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    She turned out great! I like the hue variation in the skin tones!

  • Alexander "Skrytnik" Loskutov

    Приятная кожа получилась

  • Marc Revés

    Nice work!!

  • Tommy Gunn

    Very bewitching.

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS


  • Alexey "Annaero" Krikunov

    Nice witch, like the effects with hat)
    Very perky breasts ;)

  • Stanislav Polskoi

    Great work! Gold!

  • Pepa SaavedraPLUS

    I love the pale skintones. Beautiful.

  • Luis UgartePLUS

    Fantástica! Gold!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Superbe, bravo .... Or !!

  • Gus


  • Sandro Zinzeri

    Great job ! Gold !