"The Hell That Was Bastogne", a quick test project I painted up this week for a local scale model show, Armour Challenge, held in Parola. I bought this 1/10 bust by Young Miniatures earlier this year as the competition had a themed category for figures with bazookas.

I was very inspired by a workshop and lectures by Roman Lappat last weekend in Ropecon, Helsinki, Finland, and I tried to incorporate a lot of what I learned from those into this project. Overall I wanted to paint it up quickly (only had a couple of days before the competition) and with the feeling of the piece at forefront rather than painting every detail to "perfection".

All of the colours have been mixed from primaries, black & white + the "mother colour" deep blue, which is a first for me as well. I painted all the surfaces very roughly with a wet on wet -technique first and then started refining them as needed. Ended up using soot, blood and snow quite heavy handedly in the end as well. The entire project took only about 12 hours, which is 2 or 3 times less than what I'd usually take to finish a bust of this size. Could've still cut down some hours as a lot of the most refined areas on the uniform and helmet ended up under snow.

Might not technically be my best paintjob, but I think it was quite successful at what I was going for - speed & feeling.