Here is my latest work... the Mighty Oak Guardian Thorvin! :)
However, the tree part is from a very old cherry tree that I found on the land I bought years ago, not from an oak. :)) The model itself was so much fun to paint! I really love these old handy sculpts from Raul Latorre …In the beginning, I replaced original weapon (sword) by scratch-build oak hammer and added an acorn hat that I found in the forest. I was inspired by Craft World Studio NMM technique, but then I started to explore more of my own style. When I finished the dwarf, I got the idea to add something else... so I found 3D models of some really sick spiders, and Kapa 3D Factory studio helped me print them in an awesome quality. The smallest spider is about 5 mm in size and even has freaking legs! So I had to buy magnifier :))