here is my biggest project that I created this year. The Dwarf Rifleman from our own range in 35mm figure scale. I had alredy painted the large versions a few years ago, but now wanted to make a smaller one because there were a few things that I wanted to imrpove and try out NMM on that model. Beside that I wanted to create more landscape around the model to create the feeling for the dwarf that is travelling through the mountains.

I had not much to time in the last months, but together with several sculptors we created a couple of new own miniatures which are available as high quality printed sets or STL download. Like many animal sets, from which I used the owls and butterflies here. Beside that we have created two sets of mushrooms with all together 36 different mushrooms. I think those are great for the basing and diorama building. So I wanted to see what I could do with those and try to connect all of them in this project and try my best in the painting and diorama work.

If someone is interested currently we're posting a detailed Tutorial series for the painting of the dwarf and the building of the base. You can follow that here:

All the figures like the Rifleman, Mushroom Sets, plenty of Animal Sets or different Bases are from our range and are available here:

Or as STL download here:
http://www.myminifactory.com/users/Honourguard Miniatures

Let me know what you think ;)

Best regards Oliver