my last work in 1:35 a italian tankman
  • girlpainter57

    Beautifully done

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    The precision and realism of your painting is incredible. Accurateness of facial expression, rendering of volumes through lights and shades, precision of colors… Really a benchmark! I am always amazed by your models!! Gold!!

  • Alexander "Skrytnik" Loskutov


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really like your figure painting. A very clean and historical style. What I almost like even more is your basing work. So realistic, the weathering nuances and level of detail is stunning.

  • Michel

    Again an absolute amazing painted figure by you! I love your painting style a lot!!! I would like to see a painted figure in scale 1/72 from you… ;-)

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    One of your Best !

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    eccezionale ... oro

  • eric wolfs

    your pieces are immediately recognizable each time, with this finesse and precision of details. Another great achievement. Vote Gold

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    Gold for nice painting Fabrizio ! My congrats

  • Patrice-VincentPLUS

    Another very beautiful figure. Gold of course

  • giovannivassena

    Come sempre un fantastico lavoro…Oro!!!

  • danielenocella1964

    Spettacolo…Oro, ovviamente!

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Excellent buddy!

  • Fabio "Frekstar_minis" Ricci

    che bello!

  • Francesco Thau


  • Archigrog

    Veramente bello…quanto mi piace quel modello di mimetica italiana…

  • schiragaPLUS

    Bravissimo come sempre oro

  • Luis UgartePLUS

    Very fine paint! Very good work!

  • Evgeny Golubev


  • Sergey Cheremshantsev


  • Cristian Chironi

    Come sempre super!