-"I told you to GUARD the shipment of Bretonnian wine, not DRINK it!"

A small vignette that I recently finished, featuring a drunken town guard and his furious captain in the woodland city of Talabheim.

I built this quite some time ago, out of an urge to paint some paned slashed sleeves in red and white. The Empire part of my bitz box is very underwhelming, just some arms, a few hads and a torso. So to create the two figures I had to sculpt much more than I am comfortable with, and it shows on the quality. With all the rough areas on the figures, I felt I didn't have to push the painting either.

Instead I tried to be more mindful of the storytelling, a aspect I want to get much better at. For sure you can tell a story with the painting and basing of a single figure on a gaming base, but it was really fun to be more involved in telling a simple and fun (?) story like this.
  • Štěpán Tichý

    The storytelling in this small diorama is fantastic. The painting supports it greatly. I love the somewhat colder atmosphere of the whole piece. I love this.

    • Joel Arklind Kelmeling

      Thank you so much Stepan, I am so happy it worked like intended :D

  • Eamon Connerty

    Very cool piece! Nice sculpting, great story telling!