This one of my printable "collection" what i made in my freetime, after a long break off. Later i will upload pictures from the printed and the hand painted finished model, currently i wainting my photobox to make the product shots. In this collection total of 8 characters will be made, 4 female, 4 male character, 6 already done just to be finished the render and the cuts.
For this character i wasn't use any inspiration or concept i just simple start doing, and let my brain to do whatever want, but i learnd many thing during this time: Maya simulations/fluids, Marvelous Desginer for cloth, Lights setup in Keyshot, how to paint characters in real life with hand, mixing colors, air brush (it's harder than I thought) ..., the final product pictures are not perfect but thats why i'm doing this to learn.
If you curious the other characters, hit the follow button.

Digital Sculpt:

Printed & Painted

Brawler Prototype 3D print:
-Printer: Anycubic Photon (Baisc Anycubic resin) / Elegoo Saturn (Basic Elegoo resin)
-Paint: Brush and Air-brush
-Printing time: 24h
-Painting time: 6-8h
-Photobox: 60x60x60 + 2 LED stripe and 1 lamp
-Camera: Iphone 14 pro

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