Flashfire BattleMech
Flashfire BattleMech
A Flashfire BattleMech from Iron Wind Metals. Scale for BattleTech is 1:285 (~6mm).

The miniature has been slightly modified. Originally the Flashfire is a Solaris VII design for arena combat, but I decided to create a variant which could be used by mercenaries or house regulars. To do this I filed off the spikes on the left arm and shoulder. I also repositioned the legs into a walking pose making the miniature more dynamic.

To show the scale I used an infantry trooper and a road sign on the base. The trooper is from Ground Zero Games and stands exactly 6mm tall. The road sign was scratchbuild using a needle for the pole and thin plasticard (a blister) for the sign.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    I voted on every model on your page.the battle tech models are wonderfully painted.I gave each one a gold I wish I could’ve given higher ,they are worth much more.your work rocks.enjoy