Hi! Painting Black crow's box arts is always specially rewarding and this isn't any different. It was a difficult approach as i never did so many light sources in one figure but at the end after a lot of headhaches it worked. I hope you like it :)
  • Tim

    There are no words! Editors and everything else I have thrown in your direction

  • Ihmotep

    Amazing !!

  • Dabido

    Que cosa más bonita tio, increíble

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    Absolutly beautiful ! Ein wahres märchenhaftes Meisterstück ! My best congrats

  • schiragaPLUS


  • Theodoros Giannakopoulos

    It’s lovely.

  • Bloodblade_miniatures

    Fantastic lighting !!

  • Steve "Babelfish" Riley

    Incredible effects with the lighting, but an all-round superb job.