This Bust is one of my painting that enterd AKICTH 2023 in category Historical ,Fantasy and Military all level and got silver medal award hope you guys like it.
  • Maxim Manukovsky

    Very good work - gold!

  • Tommy Gunn

    Check out the hairs on his arms.

    You only got silver in the competition?  You were robbed!

    Total GOLD from me.

    • Thiti "Nomad" Boonthanon

      Very high level in this competition sir. I am glad that Could get the silver, most of the competitors are beast level!!!

    • Thiti "Nomad" Boonthanon

      And there are some refinement to do too from the comment of the judge so I respect all the comments with arms wide open.

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    gold !

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Great job

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    This is for me an extra ordinary work - exellent painting in all details !
      Welcome by Putty & Paint Nomadpainter - from my side Gold

  • Eduardo Garcia Lope

    Some kind of burned skin, fine colors and details all over, very well achieved real materials effects.

  • Eamon Connerty

    Nice work!