This was my first Andrea kit and I am absolutely in love with their models. I've been wanting to paint Zorabeth for years and was just waiting to hone my skills enough and also have some time to paint this model. It's rare I get to paint anything for myself. Luckily, I have a client who let me pick whatever I wanted to paint and this is the model I chose. It's the first in his painted collection and he is very happy.

I used the color palette from the movie 300 as my inspiration for this piece. I am very pleased with the results seeing as how I got her done in a few days, half of which I was at Adepticon painting in room or the hallway in my spare time. Part of the time I didn't even have a lamp and had to wing it in a dark tournament room. And the base? Well, the one I had constructed was going to take too long to paint and I had 3 hours to get it done. I raided a flower pot for dirt and mulch in the parking lot of the convention center and painted it up in 2.5 hours. I had 20 minutes to spare getting entries in!

She was entered in Crystal Brush but she didn't place because my Magneto beat her out. However, she is ranked second in the online voting gallery for Crystal Brush 2014.

I hope you like her as much as I do. I plan on painting a second copy for myself with the same paint scheme but a few extra things added.