Hey, i paint that beast of an diorama in 2023 and it was my first project where i paint under a time schedule because it was vor the Monte San Savino show.
In the end it was so hard to finish it that i paint 13 to 15 hours per day.
After that i take a Winter break from painting but finally back in the hobby.
The Terminators sculp was made from Thorbjorn Barone and the Genstealers from Oliver Schümann.
Base was complete scratchbuild out of plastic card.

Thank you Ben Komets, Albert Moreto Font and also Peter Müller for the input and tips.
  • OrigalumPLUS

    Such crisp painting and great work overall! THe more I’m watching it the more details I see. It’s really cool!
    The only thing I want to mention that the first photo, probably, the worse of all and it doesn’t convey the full epic nature of the project!

    • Sebastian Schubert

      Thank you, i think the same and will add some better pictures later.

  • Marc Revés

    Amazing diorama!!! Congrats!!

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    Very great work 1! So many details to see . My best congrats

  • Albert_3d

    A w40k diorama never goes out of style, amazing details and storytelling, special mention to the rusty paint on the roof, just sweet.

    • Sebastian Schubert

      Hey Albert, i agree with you, i already at the work for the next cool scene

  • eric wolfs

    Great painting ! Vote Gold

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    A really impressive piece! First in size! The sculpts by your sculptors work really well in combination and your posing on that beast of a base looks really cool. I could have never spent so much time on such large surfaces and painting them so smooth all over. This alone and again the size of it demands applause. I know how hard it is to tackle such big projects and push through under time pressure and without. Applause again to you!

    I like how each and every material is presented in the best painted version. This is a big and crazy plus.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      I think - from my perspective - this is also a downside on such a large piece - as it misses stronger atmosphere (that I would imagine in a Space Hulk: more intense colorful shadows/flickering lights in different temperatures and overall a light situation that intensifies the dramatic movie scene) ... I think it also misses a bit of definition/undefinition contrast to that drama. I feel that if everything is painted as single element to its perfection some other aspects that could make such a diorama great are getting lost. Do not get me wrong, this is just my honest impression.

      I like that piece and I was lucky to see it in real. It did not fully convince me. What fully convinced me is your passion and love that you put in it this why I vote Gold for it! Keep on happy painting!

    • Sebastian Schubert

      Thank you for your feedback and your honest words we just get better with a feedback. An early cocept was for LED lights and sound effects to enhance the Space Hulk effect. But i dont want it to playful. If I ever did a big project in size like that, i will sketch the figures on the base to get a better feeling with the light. Something what i learned ;-) and for sure, to fix the time problem.

  • crazy-pixelPLUS

    It’s really nice to see a few more closeup shots!
    That was a fun project :D