A beautiful figurine full of details in pure "Scibor" style.
Painted in acrylic.
  • fabrizio1969PLUS


    • Emanuele


  • Štěpán Tichý

    Nice diorama! I think that the dwarf gets a little bit lost, as the colour of the giant’s head is similar to the dwarf skin and the same goes for the gun. But it is a well done piece! :)

    • Emanuele

      Thank you for the comments. I will follow your advice

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    The chicken died? Impactful piece by its pure size. I agree with Štěpán and feel that the dwarf is standing on top of the head but not standing out. A slight change in saturation or value of the giant’s skin color would have made the dwarf be more in focus. Keep on happy painting!

    • Emanuele

      Yes, the chicken is dead. Its life was in the hands of the sculptor. :P
      I really appreciate the advice you have given me, I will follow it.