Kvard Svartsson - Space Wolves Terminator
Job: Basing, Convertition, Painting
Scale: 1:32 mm Heroic
Manufactorer: GamesWorkshop

I tried to bring some grimdark atmosphere into this converted Leviathan Terminator.

Special thanks to Roman Lappat for taking those awesome pictures

Hope you like it

  • Štěpán Tichý

    I love the overall atmosphere connected by the textured snow. It looks awesome. But for some reason the face - to me - is missing a little bit of a redness to mimic flowing blood, even in this cold environment. The execution of your idea is great and the osl glowing spear is very cool and that is very important! :)

    • DerGoe

      Thank you very much and also for your honest feedback. I will pay attention to you advice, when I paint he next one of this squad.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This conversion is so cool and I see from whom you are learning. I like that you put these things to the test right aways. What a beast this character here is. That spear feels hot and the snow looks natural. Keep on happy painting!

    • DerGoe

      Thank you, Roman, that means a lot to me and also thank you for your great workshops. There is certainly still a lot of room for improvement, but the fact that you recognise the teacher behind it is the greatest praise for me.