A really lovely small bust and I made his appearance a little less poorer.

Sculpted by Lukas Zaba.
  • OrigalumPLUS

    Nice bust painting and texturing work. Gold

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Impressive work, Martin! The level of detail in your textures is magnificant and the color choices just ace! Keep on happy painting!

    • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

      Thank you so much Roman, I feel flattered. And happy painting in return ofcourse :)

  • Štěpán Tichý

    Texture overload on this small bust is great! I love it! It feels rough and hard. I also like what you did with the shoulder parts and with the freehands on them, creating an interesting element on the bust. And also the helmet is such a cool beat-up material! Great job.

    • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

      Thank you! Indeed, I wanted this fellow to be a little different from what I’ve seen sofar.

  • Marc Revés

    Excellent textures

  • Luis UgartePLUS

    Great job! Gold!

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    good work ... gold